Surprise your friends & family with a hand written card or gift from the Great Cosmic Happy Ass. You know, taking the time to write a note is a loving gift and a blessing unlike any other and an excellent way to add to your daily practice of gratitude.. Look around my site. There will be lots of inspiring surprises, giggles and ways to connect with friends you might not have thought of before. As one of my favorite teachers says: “In your heart of hearts, generating unimaginable goodness is what you long to do in life”. C. Myss

So I welcome you here and remember, we are all just walking each other home.

If you like laughter or inspiration then our wide array of hilarious, inspiring and just all ‘round uplifting collection of Greeting Cards, Books, and more are for you.

Prints based on original paintings are a collection of works representing who we really are…pure, creative and playful spiritual beings.

T-shirts, mugs and other fun stuff printed with the most popular designs take the Happy Ass lifestyle to a whole new level and also make great gifts.

Irreverent With A Point

I’m a professional artist who has been creating art ever since I was old enough to hold a crayon and who has discovered that the fastest way to enlightenment is laughter. It quite literally changes your reality.

As laughter is my preferred route to enlightenment, this site is here to help you all on the journey. You’ll find lots to laugh about here and lots to feel inspired by so make yourself comfortable while you noodle about choosing the perfect gift for yourself and those you love.

Laughter Is The Best Medicine

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Corona Virus Anxiety

Stress Relief from Laughter? It's no joke.

Laughter Heals

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