Story Board Totems

I’ve always been captivated by the ancient myths and legends of creation and I use these broad themes as a background for my “Story Board Totems” that hopefully will stir your imagination and memory of our beginnings and open to the possibilities of what we could become.

The Story Board totems I create begin with a foundation of love, represented by hearts and continue upward to a vision of the cosmos watched over by ancient guardians kindly acting on our behalf to guide our way and remind us to keep our larger vision in mine. The guardians know that you cannot help but become more beautiful, kind and compassionate.

You can hang my totems by the sides of doors to guard the entryway, at the end of a hallway as a focal point or wherever you want your totem to bless the space you’ve set aside for her.

All the Story Board totems are reproductions of my original 6 foot tall totems. They are printed directly on the substrate and come with the story and command strip for hanging.

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