“Notes to Myself -The Art & Dangerous Thoughts of the Great Cosmic Happy Ass”


The art and dangerous thoughts of the Great Cosmic Happy Ass

Be warned about reading this book. It may make you happy!

Finally! The answers to the 3 questions that has plagued humanity in it’s search for truth and meaning since the beginning of time;
Can we be both cheeky & spiritual at the same time?
If it possible for a spiritual path to be funny?
Does higher consciousness have a bawdy side?

Find out these answers and more in this signed copy of Notes to Myself.


Introducing “Notes to Myself, the Art & Dangerous Thoughts of the Great Cosmic Happy Ass”

The hilarious and inspirational book is guaranteed to life your spirits and put a big grin on your face. Written with wit and wisdom my book is a collection of notes, musings and observations on a spiritual life. It’s a unique blend of humor, philosophy and good vibes that will leave you feeling uplifted and inspired and includes many of my bestselling cards.  But be warned! Reading this book may make you happy!

This signed copy of Notes to Myself contains 150 pages of laughter & inspiration in full color! A great way to start your day with a little humor. Yes?Spiral bound so it lays flat on your coffee table.