Swine Flew



Oh yea, sure…when pigs fly! The picture says it all

Once there was a swine who knew how to fly, With wings as strong as a bird soaring high. But little did he know of the bird flu scare, Making pigs fly was suddenly not so rare.

So off he went on his airborne joyride, But little did he know, he was on the wrong side. For the birds all cooed, “That’s not your game, swine, You’ll get the flu, and it’ll surely be fine.”

But still, the piggy took to the skies, Defying all logic, he reached new heights. And as he flew, he laughed and he sung, “I’ve got the bird flu! My wings are now sprung!”

So if you see a pig soaring in the air, Don’t be afraid, just give him a cheer! For swine flew and bird flu, a funny combo, Together they’ll spread joy, wherever they go!

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