“Your Heart Feelin’ Happy” 11oz Ceramic Black Mug


Introducing “Your Heart Feeling’ Happy” design on a stunning black mug. Brace yourself for an explosion of vibrant love on your morning caffeine vessel. This black beauty isn’t your ordinary mug: it’s a gateway to happiness and caffeinated bliss. OK, I’m not so sure of a gateway to happiness but definitely caffeinated bliss is good. So go ahead, grab this mug and let your heart say “I’m feeling’ happy, caffeinated and ready to take on the universe, one sip at a time.


“Your Heart Feelin’ Happy” is a message of well-being. Suggesting a connection to emotions and feelings with a focus on positive emotions. Start your day with cup of coffee or tea and a message of encouragement and uplifting energy.

11 oz
Lead and BPA-free

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