Higher Bean



This is me communing with a higher bean. HA!

So I’m gazing up at the sky, and all of a sudden, I see this thing, this long beanie green thing with wings thing standing on a cloud, playing a toy harp! I’m like, ‘What the hell is that?! A flying legume? And I run up to it, and I go, “Wazzup?”  And he goes, ‘I’m a stringy angel man, playing my harp!’ And I’m like, A stringy beanie angel? Of course you are, with that green suit and those wings, you look like you just walked out of a grocery store in heaven!

All our cards are blank inside so you can express your personal wishes. Matching colorful envelopes. If you order 12 or more cards and I’ll pack them in a clear box with a gold stretchy ribbon, free hug coupon and you’ll get 10% off the cards! Shazam!